(Elaboration by Tonya)

What is my position on the Wars in the Middle East?

Let me start by saying that we should never forget our history. When we were attacked on 9/11/2001, I understood the need to go after OBL & his co-conspirators and supported the AUMF (joint resolution). When President Bush took a U-turn and went into Iraq when Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, I questioned that action at the time- literally yelling at the TV. Going in there was a big mistake. We should not be there now. Return our troops home. Regarding military assistance to Allies, only exceptions should be authorized by congress. When Hitler ordered genocide, when the German War Machine pulverized Europe, when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, we had to act. WWII was necessary at many levels and approved by congress. At this time in our history, we cannot stop all civil wars in the Middle East. The U.S. should not keep trying to fix the troubles over there. Get out of there and mind our own business. We are a great Country. Return our troops home!

What do the voters want from me as their Representative?

When I talk with the people and listen to what they care about, I discover they all have a common thread- loss of freedoms and too much taxation. We are a generous Nation, but too many Rules & Regulations even curtail a person’s ability to help others. If we look at the Justice Department, there are at least 3,000 criminal offenses on the books. There are over 20,000 federal laws & amendments. Most of our congressional members seem confused. That’s understandable under the weight of the bloated bureaucracy. We need to reverse much of this nonsense. Reversing the restrictive rules is what the voters want. The federal government should not make laws preventing people from making decisions for themselves when he/she is not hurting others. I am a proud American. I respect the U.S. Constitution including Article 4 and the 10th Amendment regarding States’ rights. The People want to keep their right to speak freely, worship, and peacefully assemble without interference. No Trespassing. The good citizens of this land have the right to bear Arms. Period.

What will be my Number One Priority when I am sworn in?

We, the people, will demand a Balanced Budget. Prior to the Coronavirus, the spending led by both the House & Senate was adding $3-$5 Billion of debt per day! The U.S. has over $23 Trillion in debt. That’s unsustainable. It’s simple math. Yes, some tax is necessary for our National Defense, for society to function and preserve the free market . However, if they keep spending more money than is brought in, our country will be headed toward bankruptcy. To say the least, the value of the U.S. dollar will fall. Both the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for this outrageous debt that has been climbing over the past 25 years. Voting Libertarian will put a halt to the madness and reverse the trend. It’s simple math. Let’s Roll it back!

—Tonya Millis

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