1110/22 Election Results

Looks like the new 118th Congress will be no different than the 117th – the same old Duopoly taking turns ruining our Country. Very Sad. I started my journey running for office in the fall of 2019 (Tonya for Congress). It was a wonderful ride and I talked with more people than I could count about Libertarianism and the U.S. Constitution. Very well received. Even though I did not win my race, I look forward to speaking with many LPIN members in the coming years to help grow our party and protect our Liberties.

Be Bold Vote GOLD Tonya Hudson (Millis)


Early voting and mail-in ballots have already been cast. I have heard from People who said they voted for ME. Thank You! I am so humbled by the People who have supported my candidacy. I am still campaigning for those votes that have not yet been cast. I look forward to watching the results on the night of November 8th. If elected to Congress, it will by my honor to work hard and be the ‘Voice’ for the people in Indiana’s ninth district. To those who will be voting on Election Day. Be Bold Vote GOLD!

Tonya Hudson (Millis)

10/27/22 Interest Rates

Are you concerned that mortgage rates and personal loan rates are increasing at a rate faster than the People are prepared for? When one man, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has the power and influence to change the People’s lives without proper oversight by Congress and the U.S. Treasury, we have a problem. The Federal Reserve has increased rates three times in the past year and is expected to raise another 3/4 of a percent by December. The 1935 Act to improve the financial and economic situation was started during the Hoover Administration and completed under President Roosevelt. It was heavily debated and, with strong opposition by many groups, was passed by both the House and Senate. The Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is appointed by the U.S. President. At this time, the Chair of the Federal Reserve only reports to U.S. Congress twice per year. This has proven to be a problem in recent decades as ‘We the People’ do not have a say in the way our lives are impacted when the Federal Reserve makes drastic changes. Most often, the Federal Reserve has good intentions, but the results sometimes hurt middle income families. Home buyers are especially discouraged as increased rates increase monthly mortgage payments causing a shift in home market purchases. If elected to Congress, I will work with my fellow Representatives to ‘Roll Back’ some of the power and responsibilities given to the Federal Reserve. Be Bold Vote GOLD. Tonya Millis

10/14/22 Are the PEOPLE ready for a Real Change?

Are ‘We the People’ ready to fix the Root of the problem? It’s three weeks before Election Day. Actually, it’s 3 1/2 weeks before November 8th. We, the People, have the power to make a Real Change. How much more Tyranny do We, the People, have to endure before voting out the broken Duopoly? How many more Freedoms and Liberties have to be stripped away before We, the People, make a stand at the voting booth? Even though early voting has started, I am still campaigning and still making the case for a real change in our Country. I am volunteering to be a ‘Real Voice’ for the people in my district. Be Bold Vote GOLD.

10/4/22 Asia Pasific Missile Testing

In many towns across Indiana, there are Tornado Warning sirens which are often tested weekly. When warning sirens go off in Japan, it’s because a ballistic missile is flying overhead from N. Korea. Take cover! In my RIB opinion piece on 8/3/22, I warned about the escalation in the South China Sea and threats against Taiwan. In my opinion, North Korea is China’s little brother who bullies its neighbors. The most recent test which went directly over Japan’s airspace flew 2800 miles before landing in the Pacific Ocean. While the U.S., U.K. and some allied nations in the Asian Pacific have previously conducted joint military operations as a deterrent to further aggression, international relationships have become more strained in recent years. In April of 2021, the Philippines President refused to stop its patrols in the South China Sea along its own borders in spite of threats from China. As I have stated many times before, the U.S. Congress (We the People) should have a more active role in the decision making when military actions are taken against another Country. If elected to the House of Representatives, I will be the Voice for the People in District 9 and not sit idly by while the President sends our military around the world without the approval of Congress. Be Bold Vote GOLD!

9/26/22 Should the United States team up with the country of Ukraine and fight a war against the country of Russia? I say ‘NO’.

Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution is clear; – ‘Congress shall have the Power To Declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water; To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two years; ‘. In my opinion, NO U.S. President has the authority to involve the U.S. in the Russia/Ukraine war or supply funding & arms to Ukraine without the approval of ‘We the People’. I am in favor of American citizens and private Humanitarian groups providing comfort and aid to the people in need, but taxpayers’ dollars should NOT be used in war efforts without the declaration by the People (U.S. Congress). Why is our congressional Duopoly complacent in letting any President overstep the duties of the Executive Branch? Tonya Millis

Taxation is Theft

9/16/22 If you think ‘Taxation is Theft’ than consider the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service. Last night, I had the pleasure of participating in a Small Business Forum with James Sceniak and Jeff Maurer at The Root located in New Albany. Among many Libertarian solutions discussed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, was the abolishment of the IRS and moving to a consumer tax that I base on the FAIR Tax model. What if you knew what you were paying in taxes in ‘Real Time’? Without the IRS, there would be no more quarterly or annual filings, no complicated forms, exemption or loopholes. You simply pay a ‘sales tax’ at the time of purchasing goods & certain services. We already pay State sales tax so why not add an additional percentage that the states would send to the U.S. Treasury, not the IRS because it would no longer be in service. The people who spend more, including the wealthy, would thus pay more in sales tax. U.S. Congress needs to have a balanced budget and only spend the revenue taken in from the states.

Accountability. Do you want real Representation?

9/6/22 While Washington D.C. is a mess, some say ‘Politics is local’. Well, the good citizens in Indiana’s Ninth District have not had a real voice for many, many years. Only those wanting to be career politicians. Now that the Incumbent in D9 is not running again and it’s an open seat, it’s time for the three candidates to schedule a debate so the voters can be informed. While the Democrat and Libertarian (me) candidates have agreed to at least one debate, if not more, the Republican, Erin Houchin, is not responding. She is ignoring us as well as the Voters. Why not do what is right for the voter’s best interests in the election process? Why does Erin not want to answer the hard questions in front of the citizens in District Nine? U.S. Senator from Indiana, Todd Young, has agreed to a 3-way debate with his Democrat and Libertarian challengers. Playing it safe is what Trey Hollingsworth did which has not worked out well for the people in Indiana’s 9th. Erin Houchin, it’s time to come out and answer the hard questions, not just canned speeches and friendly photo-ops.

The Department of Education is a Colossal Failure!

8/30/22 Rather than fix the core root of the problematic educational system, the current President transferred college debt to the taxpayers to garner favor & votes for Dems this fall. This has not been approved by our current representatives on behalf of ‘We the People’. To understand the failure of this bloated bureaucracy, it’s important to know our history. Just to sum it up, teaching our children to read, write and know basic math has been going on for thousands of years. Mostly taught at home but well to do families could afford tutors. by the 1840’s, some taxpayer funded public schools were popping up around the Country. Massachusetts and New York passed the first laws for compulsory schools in 1852-53. Keep in mind, there was an influx of immigrants fleeing Europe due to economic hardships and religious persecution and with different languages. World War I started in 1914, and by 1918, all American children were required to attend at least elementary school. Unfortunately, many schools were segregated based on race. the US Dept of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) was established in 1953. In 1954, the segregation in schools was ended by the Supreme Court (Brown v Board of Education). Later, education was separated from HEW and became its own department in 1979 – the Department of Education. For many years and decades, we have seen the decline of our children’s education as this federal agency takes taxpayer money and misuses it. Over recent years, the U.S. has fallen behind other countries in the basic education level of our students in spite of the best efforts of Teachers who work hard to teach while their hands are tied by federal regulations. Before it’s too late, we need to Roll Back the DOE. Quite frankly, abolish it. The broken 2-Party system has not done what needs to be done. Let the States keep the taxpayer money to fund public schools and allow for more successful charter schools and/or homeschooling if that’s what’s best for a child’s learning potential. Tonya Millis

How many of YOU expect to get Social Security benefits?

8/23/22 As consumers cut back on goods and services to stay afloat, Senior Citizens are feeling the crunch as well. Earlier this summer, I watched Shai Akabas (Bipartisan Policy Center) testify before Congress on the solvency and benefits of Social Security. I would say the ‘Insolvency’ of SS. Our Country is broke! How can we continue to give our Seniors the monthly payments they deserve when the revenue coming in is far less than the expenditures. The ‘so called’ Social Security lock box (remember Al Gore?) has been tapped into and borrowed against as collateral for loans from other countries. The lock box was unlocked many years ago. The only way to continue giving our Senior Citizens the payment promised to them is to ROLL BACK the wasteful spending, have a balanced budget, and pay off much of our debt. If elected to Congress, I will work to be the Voice for all the People of all ages.

When will ‘the People’ have a Voice again?

8/18/22 The partisan divide in Washington D.C. has escalated over recent years but started getting ugly about three decades ago (both sides). Political decorum is very rare these days. What the two-party system IS cohesive on is raising the debt to dangerous levels, mortgaging our assets to other countries, and bullying U.S. citizens with new mandates & restrictions. Join Me along with other like-minded people to Roll It Back! I am volunteering to be your Voice. ‘We the People’ must make a stand on November 8th to end the Duopoly. Be Bold & Vote GOLD. Tonya Millis

The Internal Revenue Service –

8/12/22 How are ‘We the People’ going to pay for the additional 87k IRS agents? We’re not. As I have stated many times before, our Country is broke. Our debt is unsustainable. The most recent bi-partisan bill signed by President Biden is outrageous and will not help the middle class that is struggling. The American People should NEVER fear being audited by their own federal government. The practice of spending more than the revenue coming into the Treasury has been happening under both Republicans & Democrats (the duopoly). Federal taxation of the people’s income is theft. It’s long past due to stop this unconstitutional practice. We all would benefit from the dismantling of the bloated Internal Revenue Service. Seriously. I have always been in favor of a FAIR tax or a similar alternative to the Tyrannical arm of the IRS. Together, we can Roll it Back.

Have you noticed what’s been going on in Asia lately?

8/3/22 This week, U.S. Speaker of the House went to Taiwan to meet with its leaders. Although I do not agree with Nany Pelosi’s wasteful spending policies, I have no problem with any Speaker of ‘the People’ engaging with foreign leaders as it is the U.S. Congress that has the responsibility to declare war if the situation arose to that obligation under our Constitution. Please don’t misunderstand that I’m advocating for war, on the contrary. War should always be the last option. The Speaker’s visit overseas, on behalf of the People, showed China and other Asian countries that the U.S. citizens are engaging in protecting our own sovereignty. For decades, China has been building up its military on land as well as its naval force in the South China Sea. In 1977, the U.S. turned over its control of the Panama Canal and surrounding zone to the country of Panama. It’s my understanding that Chinese private corporations immediately set up private ports along the canal. The U.S. no longer has control over this strategic waterway. I’m concerned that what’s going on with the Russia & Ukraine war is a distraction to the bigger picture as far as America is concerned. The AUMF, right after 9/11, has been misused by presidents from both the R & D parties. If elected as your representative from Indiana’s D9, I will do what I can to ‘roll back’ the unconstitutional Executive orders, and make sure the War Powers Act of 1973 is enforced so that we, the People, have a real voice. Folks, pay attention to this. Be Bold & Vote GOLD.

Is our Country going bankrupt?

7/27/22 If you are not too concerned with the high debt in our Country, YOU SHOULD BE! Sadly, the warning I gave when I ran for Congress two years ago is now coming to fruition. For decades, the Duopoly (democrat & republican monopoly) has been spending more money than the amount of revenue being brought into our Treasury. Because we, the People, have not had a balanced budget in years, ‘fake money’ is being printed without real assets to back up what used to be considered ‘legal tender’. Inflation is a real pain to the consumers. To keep our Country from going bankrupt, we need a major course redirection. Last week, I read the British Central Bank has told banks to ramp up their capital reserves and prepare for the upcoming economic storm. Is our U.S. Government warning the American people of the looming recession in our Country? No, they are not. All the while, payments with cryptocurrencies are increasingly common in Latin American countries. I fear the recession may lead to a Modern-day Depression. Let’s hope it doesn’t while doing something about it. The People need to stop the broken 2-party system that’s taking our Country into financial ruin and make a real change. Let’s Roll Back the unnecessary spending. Vote out the duopoly and vote in Libertarians and independents who will uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Do you think gas prices are too high? Me Too!

7/19/22 With the high debt in our Country as well as inflation, We the People, have to endure the outrageous cost of gasoline to provide fuel for our vehicles. The procedures for refining crude oil, distillation, and process to get proper gasoline is very complicated. I won’t bore you with the details here but you can get some information from the U.S. Energy Admin (EIA) as well as other sites. If elected, I will work to Roll Back federal taxes on gas and Roll Back some of the restrictions prohibiting the Free Market principles and competition that were stymied by our federal government many years ago. For the last couple of decades, many refinery plants in the U.S. have shut down because of strict environmental standards and extreme Rules & Regulations. As stewards of this planet, I support doing what we can to keep our planet clean and safe, but sometimes Big Brother goes too far to curry favor to the lobbyists. Like many other Presidents before him, President Biden just went to Saudi Arabia begging for more oil (Oliver Twist style), “Sir, may I have some more”. He came back home without securing a pledge from the Saudis to boost oil output. The United States has more crude oil in its soil than we need but we don’t access it enough or make it easy to refine it. That’s ridiculous! The two-party system (duopoly) has failed the People. It’s time for the voters in Indiana’s 9th to Be Bold & Vote Gold. Tonya Millis

Tobacco & Vape Prohibition

7/11/22 Example: What if a young man (or woman) of 19-20 years of age serves his Country overseas, then comes home on leave. He can’t have a celebratory cigar on the back porch with is Grandpa because it’s illegal. And, Grandpa could be arrested for contributing tobacco to a minor. Ridiculous! This pesky law was passed by the Duopoly (both R & D’s). Big government should not be telling Adults what to eat, drink or smoke. If elected to Congress, I will work hard to roll back prohibitions and get back the People’s freedom of Liberty.

Watch out, People, the lolli pop police is coming next!