Have you noticed what’s been going on in Asia lately?

8/3/22 This week, U.S. Speaker of the House went to Taiwan to meet with its leaders. Although I do not agree with Nany Pelosi’s wasteful spending policies, I have no problem with any Speaker of ‘the People’ engaging with foreign leaders as it is the U.S. Congress that has the responsibility to declare war if the situation arose to that obligation under our Constitution. Please don’t misunderstand that I’m advocating for war, on the contrary. War should always be the last option. The Speaker’s visit overseas, on behalf of the People, showed China and other Asian countries that the U.S. citizens are engaging in protecting our own sovereignty. For decades, China has been building up its military on land as well as its naval force in the South China Sea. In 1977, the U.S. turned over its control of the Panama Canal and surrounding zone to the country of Panama. It’s my understanding that Chinese private corporations immediately set up private ports along the canal. The U.S. no longer has control over this strategic waterway. I’m concerned that what’s going on with the Russia & Ukraine war is a distraction to the bigger picture as far as America is concerned. The AUMF, right after 9/11, has been misused by presidents from both the R & D parties. If elected as your representative from Indiana’s D9, I will do what I can to ‘roll back’ the unconstitutional Executive orders, and make sure the War powers Act of 1973 is enforced so that we, the People, have a real voice. Folks, pay attention to this. Be Bold & Vote GOLD.

Is our Country going bankrupt?

7/27/22 If you are not too concerned with the high debt in our Country, YOU SHOULD BE! Sadly, the warning I gave when I ran for Congress two years ago is now coming to fruition. For decades, the Duopoly (democrat & republican monopoly) has been spending more money than the amount of revenue being brought into our Treasury. Because we, the People, have not had a balanced budget in years, ‘fake money’ is being printed without real assets to back up what used to be considered ‘legal tender’. Inflation is a real pain to the consumers. To keep our Country from going bankrupt, we need a major course redirection. Last week, I read the British Central Bank has told banks to ramp up their capital reserves and prepare for the upcoming economic storm. Is our U.S. Government warning the American people of the looming recession in our Country? No, they are not. All the while, payments with cryptocurrencies are increasingly common in Latin American countries. I fear the recession may lead to a Modern-day Depression. Let’s hope it doesn’t while doing something about it. The People need to stop the broken 2-party system that’s taking our Country into financial ruin and make a real change. Let’s Roll Back the unnecessary spending. Vote out the duopoly and vote in Libertarians and independents who will uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Do you think gas prices are too high? Me Too!

7/19/22 With the high debt in our Country as well as inflation, We the People, have to endure the outrageous cost of gasoline to provide fuel for our vehicles. The procedures for refining crude oil, distillation, and process to get proper gasoline is very complicated. I won’t bore you with the details here but you can get some information from the U.S. Energy Admin (EIA) as well as other sites. If elected, I will work to Roll Back federal taxes on gas and Roll Back some of the restrictions prohibiting the Free Market principles and competition that were stymied by our federal government many years ago. For the last couple of decades, many refinery plants in the U.S. have shut down because of strict environmental standards and extreme Rules & Regulations. As stewards of this planet, I support doing what we can to keep our planet clean and safe, but sometimes Big Brother goes too far to curry favor to the lobbyists. Like many other Presidents before him, President Biden just went to Saudi Arabia begging for more oil (Oliver Twist style), “Sir, may I have some more”. He came back home without securing a pledge from the Saudis to boost oil output. The United States has more crude oil in its soil than we need but we don’t access it enough or make it easy to refine it. That’s ridiculous! The two-party system (duopoly) has failed the People. It’s time for the voters in Indiana’s 9th to Be Bold & Vote Gold. Tonya Millis

Tobacco & Vape Prohibition

7/11/22 Example: What if a young man (or woman) of 19-20 years of age serves his Country overseas, then comes home on leave. He can’t have a celebratory cigar on the back porch with is Grandpa because it’s illegal. And, Grandpa could be arrested for contributing tobacco to a minor. Ridiculous! This pesky law was passed by the Duopoly (both R & D’s). Big government should not be telling Adults what to eat, drink or smoke. If elected to Congress, I will work hard to roll back prohibitions and get back the People’s freedom of Liberty.

Watch out, People, the lolli pop police is coming next!